The Palazzo

History and Location

Palazzo Consiglia - History and LocationPalazzo Consiglia is a traditional Maltese townhouse situated at the heart of Valletta in St Ursula Street, just a few metres away from the St Rocco’s church and key attractions such as the Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta Waterfront and Fort Saint Elmo. This flawless building portrays Malta’s rich history, with a predominant Baroque design in the lower floors, and Roman and Arabic features that can be observed in the newest parts of the Palazzo.

The restoration of this building was undertaken with as minimal intervention as possible, in order to preserve its essence and expose the grandeur of the limestone work present in its interior. The façade has been meticulously cleaned, exposing architectural characteristics that have been illuminated with carefully selected lighting fixtures.

The concept behind the name of this Palazzo is as imaginative as it is enthralling. Consiglia is the name given to an abstract woman that embodies someone that is familiar in our daily lives. As with the Palazzo, Consiglia has many facets to her character and personality, so it is fitting that these aspects are uniquely reproduced in each of the thirteen rooms in this hotel.

When you arrive for your stay

Guests at Palazzo Consiglia will be greeted by a warm and lavish entrance hall that perfectly illustrates the welcoming ambience of this boutique hotel. With marble floors and wall panelling, the entrance is complimented with teal hues that set the scene for an impeccable stay. Our concierge will greet you as you walk in through the front door, where limestone tiles guide you to the discreet reception that is nestled underneath the stairwell.

The reception is connected to a spacious courtyard that is characteristic of Maltese townhouses. This space is bathed in natural light, which highlights the relaxing furnishings that sit in front of an evergreen plant wall. The courtyard provides an ideal location where guests can enjoy their breakfast or simply unwind with a good book. Even though the entrance and courtyard may not be overly ostentatious, they will definitely leave a long lasting impression with our guests.

Relaxing at Palazzo Consiglia

Palazzo Consiglia - RelaxingTake full advantage of Malta’s incredible weather and abundance of sunshine with our roof terrace. Enjoy spectacular views of Valletta and the Grand Harbour while feasting on our sumptuous breakfast or having an afternoon drink. The roof area also includes a modest recreational area with a mini pool, a reading nook, and a winter sundeck.

Down below, we have carefully designed the Cantina as a top quality wellness area where guests can enjoy spa treatments.

Guest Rooms and services

Palazzo Consiglia - Guestrooms and ServicesGuests staying at Palazzo Consiglia can choose from thirteen diverse guest rooms that each have a different character. Each of these rooms has been fitted with a custom wallpaper style, upholstery and headboards. We devoted a lot of time to carefully select stunning furniture pieces that have been obtained from Italy, France, as well as from Malta. Clients can expect these rooms to be styled with complimenting pieces from a wide range of eras, including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Classical and Baroque.

Care has been taken to provide a sense of depth in our guest rooms. This has been achieved with rich oak hardwood floors, glass separations in bathrooms, and large windows to brighten up the space. In addition, expect complete privacy and tranquillity with double glazed glass, and soundproof walls and floors.

When it comes to services, each guest room is equipped with the latest technology and energy efficient LED lighting. A full HD 40-inch television is available in five languages, which includes radio and a total of 72 channels. Guests can make use of Bluetooth speakers which connect to the room’s sound system that is also available in the bathroom. In addition, there are also printing services in each room and USB charging ports on either side of the bed.

Each bathroom has all the necessary amenities that you can expect, such as hairdryers, anti-fogging mirrors and shaving outlets. We have gone the extra mile with our bathrooms, some of which are clad with marble panelling and fitted with different shower mixers. Every detail has been taken care of, right down to the taps.

Refreshments are available from the minibar, and coffee machines are also provided. Some of our guest rooms have balconies on which you can enjoy views of Valletta or a coffee, with all of the rooms being fitted with an armchair and coffee table that provide a good working or reading space.

Your stay at Palazzo Consiglia will be one to remember, and we have trained our staff to meet your every demand. Guests can expect a high attention to detail by our staff, who will be more than happy to help clients with their choice of pillows or bedding, dietary requirements and other requests. We also offer a full concierge service that is accessible from each suite.

A mouth-watering breakfast is available to all the patrons of Palazzo Consiglia, as well as a delectable choice of fresh platters and cold cuts for you to snack on.

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